What is Makeshift?

Makeshift is many things. Here's what we have been called:

a community

an artist collective

a maker-space

a Chinese restaurant

a cult

a crazy laboratory

a sitcom

an escape

a creative family

a halfway house for designers

an opportunity to do things differently


Here's what our members hope we might be some day:

a school

a design agency

an architecture firm

a production house

a coffee house

a speakeasy

a platform for social advocacy

Can I join Makeshift?

Yes you can!

We are always looking for friends who are passionate about making exciting things, and becoming part of a creative community. Check out our memberships page for more information.

Is Makeshift a Studio Space or a Design Agency?


While Makeshift does actively take on projects, we are currently focusing on expanding our studio space and growing our collective of creative people.

However, if you have a challenging and interesting project then send us a message here! We love projects that bring together a multidisciplinary group of creatives and challenge how we combine our skills. You can view some examples of projects we have done in the past on our projects page.

Is Makeshift a Co-working Space?

Kind of.

We don’t really like the word 'co-working'. It definitely carries a certain baggage and culture in Toronto right now. That aside, space is tight in Makeshift and the way we divide space is a bit different: instead of offering an allocated square-footage of space per person, a membership gives you access to the entire studio. This includes a mix of common spaces and project spaces. Co-working happens in our studio, but community is our focus.


Can I Host My Event At Makeshift?

It depends.

If you’re a member, you are free to use our bookings page to book specific spaces within the studio. If you are not yet a member, you can send us a message from our contact page letting us know you are and what your needs are. We will get back to you!


What Events Can I Attend?

As many as you can!

Check out what’s on at our events page where you can view a calendar of upcoming events. Some of our regular events include: pay-what-you-can yoga, movie nights, board game nights, as well as seasonal get-togethers. We also host several paid workshops each month that are taught by talented people in our community. If you’d like to receive regular updates about our upcoming events and workshops, you can subscribe to our newsletter below.


Can I Get a Tour of the Studio?

You most certainly can!

Send us a message using our contact page telling us who you are, and we will get back to you with a time to drop by.