Tenant Onboarding

Welcome to the Makeshift Collective!

Here's your onboarding documentation


Introductory Period

1-Month Probation Period

Your first month at Makeshift Studio is a conditional period. If other members of the collective find your presence harmful as a risk to the community or the physical space itself, we have the right to revoke your tenancy without refund (if more than a week passes).

3-MonthS Evaluation

After 3 months, we will initiate a retrospective to determine how the experience has been for both parties - to determine any changes or modifications required to either the space or the tenancy contract. This may present an opportunity to become more integrated into the collective as a member, if both parties agree.


Rent Payment

Your agreed rent amount (+HST) is due before the new month begins. Mark it in your calendar a few days in advanced – as missing this date may cause risks on our monthly studio survival (as well as your tenancy standing).

Studio Facilities Contributions

You are expected to contribute $20/month in cash towards the maintenance of our facilities, which includes (but is not exclusive to) cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dish soap, coffee, kitchen essentials, etc. This contribution can be negotiated based on alternate contributions towards the community.


Slack App 

With everyone having different schedules, we use the chat app Slack as our primary tool for communication for both tenants and members.  Slack is available on web, desktop, and mobile – and has comprehensive features to control what relevant notifications you'd like to receive. We organize the Slack by #channels - each channel being a different topic.

Please join our private Slack team at http://wemakeshift.slack.com/



You can discuss anything studio or facility related in the #_studio channel.

Booking Requests

You can make studio booking requests here: http://wemakeshift.com/calendar/. It will take a few days to review your request and officially book into the calendar.

Daily Studio Maintenance

We expect you to leave your studio spot exactly as you found it, or even better, cleaner than you found it! Please do not leave things behind and be mindful of how much space you take up for others to use. Make sure your space is welcoming to others and well maintained.

If you absolutely require to leave something behind, please message #_studio, and also include a physical note indicating clearly how long it will be stored there for.

Cleaning Schedule

We maintain a bi-monthly cleaning schedule at the first of every month, where all tenants & members of the studio join in to do a studio deep cleaning. A member will be organizing all the tasks required, listed on the whiteboard for everyone to claim.

Safety & Security

We have cameras......... in different area codes (area codes!)

Closing Procedures

Closing procedures are incredibly important if you are the last person leaving to avoid any safety hazards or the waste of energy and resources. Procedures are posted in the community Kitchen immediately outside the 2nd floor door.

Community Rules


You'l ... soulja boy tell'em.

Booking Requests